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Hi! I'm Mycroft. I've been a furry for nearly 30 years. I'm a greymuzzle by now.

I'm not too deep into the furry community, or any community really.

I'm a socially awkward nerd (white cis male/demiguy irl) that can sometimes get overwhelmed. Please say hi and get to know me before requesting to follow here, I take it as kind of an obligation.

View replies for current interests.

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I can only use these 16 colors and depending on placement I might not use two of the lower colors one on top of the other

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which classic (S)NES game(s) should I mine for sprites to make BBS menu ansi graphics for?

overdone: mario, zelda, final fantasy, megaman

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to paraphrase tWitW, "Believe me, my young friend, there is nothing - absolutely nothing - half so much worth doing as simply messing about with old computers."

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when I get home I'm inclined to bust out an ansi editor and remake this image, as taken from

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waiting for calls

(not internet accessible, I've got it limited to local network only)

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I can't seem to find the door version of tw2002 around anywhere

I found LoRD, but it's, uh, heavily problematic, and probably just going to have for nostalgia if at all

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I went with something else, and I have a system that's network accessible via telnet/ssh

need to figure out how to set up doors and get some files (just for show, like keen4e, wolf3d, etc)

this is what I've done instead of sleeping or doing cleaning

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the layers needed to get this thing on the internet is astounding

is there any off the shelf easy software to run a bbs from windows 10, preferably with the ability to run DOS door games?

if not, something that can run on winxp/32 in a VM

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this is a whole lot harder than I remember it being 27 years ago

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I'm having that extremely common urge that I'm sure all of us share regularly

you know, the one where you feel compelled to set up an old DOS BBS, complete with some popular door games, some downloadable shareware, and make it telnet accessible

yeah, that, I'm sure many of you have already done this a few times this year already

giant pet peeve: interviews where the interviewer asks a question that in no way ever could anyone conceive of it as a yes or no question, and the person being interviewed starts their answer with yes or no

ie "How long have you been doing this?" "Yes, I started about three years ago"

brb crossing over into the Berenstein-verse in order to eat some Fruit Loops cereal

I'm too tired or brain foggy to concentrate on or do anything for long

but I'm not sleepy enough to take a nap

a horizontal shooter stage where it's vitally important not to miss your target based on the story of Onan, for example

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idea: a Bible video game that looks kid-friendly but eschews the common stories like Noah's Ark and instead is a collection of themes and story points that aren't really kid-friendly


Ahh geez, not only did I forget that it was Orange Shirt Day yesterday, it was also the late Doug Winger's 69th birthday.

If there's an afterlife, I hope you're enjoying the hyper life there.

"if i replace all the words, is it really plagiarism?"

this argument is known as the ship of thesaurus

With Spooky Season upon us, keep in mind that those sensitive to body horror and gore do not magically stop being sensitive to it just because it's in the spirit of the holiday.

If anything, some (not us personally) hate this holiday for that reason.

Content warnings are your friend. Thanks!

you may choose one

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