ah, capitalism, the cause of, and also somehow the proposed solution to, many of life's problems


Prometheus stole fire from the gods and gave it to humans who achieved so much with it.

This made the gods extremely angry because they were in the middle of trying to rent fire to humans with restrictive DRM.

imagine anyone even thinking of inventing the internal combustion engine if Fire had DRM on it that restricted which logs and kindling you could use and only in an approved firepit

forget cars, humanity couldn't have even invented candles

thanks Prometheus

@mycroft Well I mean, there HAVE been early electric engines when internal combustion took off, maybe progress would have been slower if history went down that route instead, but perhaps not for the worse if that tech gained dominance instead?
Has Prometheus been an agent for big oil?

@errant Wasn't the majority of electricity being generated by burning things already? Either way, I don't think Prometheus should be held accountable for everything anyone ever did with it, the same way the inventor of the first pot for carrying water should be held responsible for Nestle.

@Angle @mycroft

*Comcast binds you to a cliff and repeatedly has your liver torn out by raptors.*

@emacsomancer @mycroft No lol, I've been through this song and dance. Comcast sends you passive aggressive emails about how someone was downloading fire through your network and maybe you should do something about it or else *mumble mumble mumble* something might happen. :P

@mycroft on the other hand, we have basically ruined the entire planet by burning stuff 🤷


I have mixed feelings about this given the current climate crisis, but I don’t think that’s on Prometheus.

@mycroft Years later, a different company tried to sell a "Kindle Fire" that you could use to read books, again encumbered by DRM.

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